Sugar consumptionAside of the benefits of sugar as the sweetener of foods and beverages, sugar is also good as the source of energy for the body. Behind all of the benefits, sugar is hiding bad risks for body health. The excessive sugar consumption is able to increase the risk of various health conditions including diabetes, heart diseases, damages of body organs, and the decrease of immune system of the body as well as obesity.

How could the excessive sugar consumption happen? The form of sugar is not always as the ingredients to be consumed. It is not just in form of refined sugar made of sugar canes or sucrose from beets. Sugar can sneak into the body as fructose originated from fruits and honey, maltose originated from nuts as well as lactose originated from milk. These forms of sugar have not yet include the synthetic sugar that can be used as well on various foods and beverages because of the cheaper price.

For the usage of natural sugar with the low glycemic index, there will be not much of effects because of the process of absorbing foods and conversion into blood sugar becomes relatively slower. Meanwhile, in the category of sugar with the high glycemic index number, it can cause the increasing levels of blood sugar quickly because the sugar derived of the eaten foods will be quickly converted into sugar. This is where the risks of sugar consumption show up and not a good thing. Eventually sugar consumption brings bad effects to the health of the body with the risks of sugar consumption being ignored even at the slightest.

The followings are the effects on the increasing levels of blood sugar:

  • The risks of diabetes.
    Although the excessive sugar consumption is not the cause of diabetes, it will lead to the increasing levels of blood sugar while on the patients of diabetes, it will lead to complications.
  • Risks of heart diseases.
    The strong evidence of heart disease can be associated to the excessive consumption of sugar had been released in Journal of American Heart Association in the year 2013. It explained that the sugar molecules (referred as glucose 6-phosphate) becomes the culprit that causes the cardiac arrest.
  • The risks of damages to the body organs.
    The excessive burden on pancreas as the producer of insulin will cause inflammation as well as the disturbance in insulin production. Because of this disturbance, the levels of blood sugar will soar and trigger damages of kidneys, eyes, nerves and blood veins.
  • The weakening of immune system.
    The nutrition expert of Santa Monica, United States, Nancy Appleton, MD stated that sugar originated from a process will have the chemical structure that is not friendly to the body and will be deemed as parasite.

By considering the risks factor to the sugar consumption that might lead to the quick increase of blood sugar, it is good to avoid it by changing the daily diet