Sugar IndonesiaSugar has been the main necessity of humans. It has the long history of sugar from the beginning of sugar being used as sweetener and then becomes the commodity of trading. From several existing sources, the existence of refined sugar can be tracked all the way back to the 8th century B.C by the people of Papua (source Wikipedia). Sugar then developed through the crystallized process by the people of India.

In its development, the people of Arab developed the technique to industrialized sugar by building sugar refineries as well as sugar cane cultivation in large scale. At that time, sugar had become commodity of trading for the producers of sugar. Sugar started to be exported to other countries in form of refined cane sugar in the 12th century by the merchants of Arab.

At that time, sugar was used as sweetener believed to have the capability to increase stamina. The history said that sugar can also be used as medicine and known to be expensive item. Although that sugar was expensive item and thought to be luxury, the demands on sugar remained really high leading merchants to gain so many profits.

The many profits gained from sugar got along the timeline of revolution of industry in Europe. Therefore, sugar attracted the attention of European countries those started to do the huge expansion by cultivating the sugar canes in various colonial regions. They built sugar refineries those were more modern in order to answer the high demands of sugar in the world.

Ever since the introduction of sugar to the wider societies, refined sugar at that time had enough benefits to be used as the sweetener of foods and beverages. In the history of sugar, the sugar was used as sweetener of coffee, chocolate, bread and a lot others. Sugar become the main necessity and had changed the habits of many people in using refined sugar as well as rotating the wheels of economy.