Coconut sugarSugar as the chemical compounds highly needed by the source of energy becomes the very popular commodity and changes the habits of human in using it such as mentioned in article “How is The History of Sugar”.
The chemical compounds of sugar come inside of the body every day in form of directly or indirectly consumed sugar from various sources such as rice, bread, cookies and biscuits. Don’t forget to add the synthetic sugar that might also sneak into the body through foods and beverages.

Try to imagine the hard work pancreas does during that time. Pancreas as the producer of insulin will try hard to balance out the sugar inside of the body. If this condition continues, there will be health problems such as obesity; the increase risks of diabetes and of course the possibility of pancreas inflammation.

In order to reduce the risks of health problems caused by sugar consumption, controlling the supply of sugar will be a great thing. One of the ways to control the blood sugar is shown by DR. Oz in his talk show (22/02/2012). The title of the episode was “Coconut Palm Sugar: Best New Sugar Alternative”. It explained about the coconut palm sugar as the alternative for the daily needs.

Why does the coconut sugar considered as the safe natural sugar good for the health of the body? The basic reason to change the refined sugar with coconut palm sugar is because the sugar natural side. Aside of that, the GI or glycemic index is low enough being only 35 points. The glycemic index number is the speed measurement of foods being absorbed by the body and converted into blood sugar. With the low GI number, the coconut palm sugar won’t cause the drastic increase of blood sugar. Therefore coconut palm sugar will be the safe natural sugar for the health of the body. It will be safe for the patients of diabetes as well as the patients of high cholesterol.