Soursop LeavesSoursop or Annona muricata is known as a plant mostly known for its fruits to be consumed or being made into beverages. Recently, the name of soursop becomes more popular and being searched by more people. It is all due to the news of soursop leaves benefits to help fighting cancer.

Almost all parts of soursop plant have been used for hundreds of years. Soursop leaves as medicines for eczema, herpes, diabetes, infection, worms, cough, diarrhea and the others. According to the National Cancer Institute in United States in the year 1976, the bark, the leaves and the branches of soursop plant have the active compound called annonaceous acetogenin that will be able to strike down the cells of cancer.

The compound annonaceous acetogenin is able to work selectively to fight the cancer cells those already developed resistance towards medicines without disturbing the healthy and normal cells. The way the compound of soursop leaves as anti cancer is the reverse of chemotherapy which works non-selectively.

Annonaceous acetogenin is able to block as well as damage the source of energy to the cells of cancer and let those cells die.

The cancer cells those can be damaged by soursop leaves as anti cancer are cancer cells of bladder, breasts, head, neck alongside several types of leukemia, liver, lungs, lymphoma, mesothelioma, multiple myeloma, neuroblastoma, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, sarcoma, gastric, testis, thyroid and uterus. Another research shows that the anti cancer compound of soursop has the power 10,000 times larger than adriommycin or the medicines used in chemotherapy. Soursop’s anti cancer won’t cause side effects such as nausea, reducing body weight and hair loss like chemotherapy.

The tips of using soursop leaves as medicines ( Benefits of Soursop Leaves ):

  • In traditional medication, soursop leaves benefits will be extracted while brewing them along with water and drink the water.
  • The extract of soursop leaves has been produced and sold in form of liquids, capsules as well as dipped bags that will need to be taken according to the instruction.
  • Soursop leaves are not recommended to be consumed by pregnant women because the possibility of stimulating the activities in uterus.
  • Soursop leaves are also not recommended to be consumed excessively by the patients of heart diseases and the patients of low blood pressure. The soursop leaves might lower the blood pressure, widen the blood veins as well as reducing the heart rate and contractility.
  • Excessive usage of soursop leaves might cause vomiting.