Bay LeavesBay leaves with Latin name of Svyzgium polyanthum is commonly used daily in foods as the flavor enhancer. Aside of being used as spice in cooking, bay leaves benefits also include the benefits as medicines. Bay leaves as medicines have been used for a long time ago.

Bay leaves as medicines will be great in order to cure various diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, ulcer, and diarrhea and bloated.

Are these bay leaves benefits to cure diseases true? How do these bay leaves the cooking spice have that kind of ability?

  • Bay leaves have the ability to lower the levels of blood sugar inside of the body. Bay leaves will slow down an enzyme called as alpha glycoside which functions to change carbohydrates to blood sugar. Thus the process slow down the increase of blood sugar in the body. Therefore, the benefit is a proof of bay leaves as medicines for diabetes as well as high cholesterol.
  • Bay leaves benefits can cure productive cough. Bay leaves have active compound called tannin which functions to melt down the mucus that will reduce the occurrence of sputum.
  • Bay leaves can be used to reduce inflammation. The active compound called flavonoid and the essential oil in bay leaves work in relieving inflammation as well as reducing fever and reduce joints inflammation on the patients of arthritis.

In order to find out the ways to use bay leaves as medicines, follow the following tips of using bay leaves:

  • Bay leaves to cure diabetes. Wash 7 to 15 fresh bay leaves and brew the leaves with 3 glasses of water. Let the water boiled until just one glass left and then let it cool. Strain the water and then drink the water before meal. Do this twice a day.
  • Bay leaves to cure high cholesterol. Wash 10 to 15 fresh bay leaves and brew the leaves with 3 glasses of water. Let it boiled until just one glass left. Strain the water after cold and then drink the water at night. Do this every day.
  • Bay leaves to cure ulcer. Wash 15 to 20 fresh bay leaves. Brew the leaves along with ½ liter of water for about 15 minutes until the water is boiled. Add palm sugar and let it cool. Drink every day until the pain in the stomach is one.
  • Benefits of bay leaves to cure arthritis. Wash 10 fresh bay leaves and brew them together with 1 glass of water. Let it bold until just 1 glass of water left. After the water is cold, use the water on the part of the body with pain.