Neem LeavesThe plant of neem has the Latin name of Azadirachta indica A. Juss. It grows the tropical lowlands. This plant has a lot of benefits as medicines from the bark, the seeds, flowers as well as the leaves. Therefore, the plant is called as the village pharmacy.

The leaves of the neem plant are known to have various benefits. The health benefits of neem leaves are also known to be nature friendly and cheap.

The followings are several benefits of neem leaves:

  • The plant of neem is known as the natural pesticide because of active compound called azadirachtin that has the capability to fight pest (insects).
  • Neem leaces can be used to cleanse blood.


  • Neem leaves contain antioxidants that able to neutralized the free radicals and prevent damages of liver.
  • Neem leaves are anti bacterial and anti fungus. Therefore, the leaves will help solving the skin problems caused b fungus or bacteria.
  • Health benefits of neem leaves wil help preventing diabetes because of the active compound called glibenklamid that able to control the blood sugar.

There are many the benefits of neem leaves for the body health. It is a good idea if we take the benefits as well as the natural medications by knowing how to use the leaves and knowing the shape and characteristics of neem leaves.

Tips to use neem leaves as medicines:

  • Neem leaves as anti diabetes. To use the leaves, wash the neem leaves that have been dried and then brew it along with 2 glasses of water. Let the water boil until there is only one glass of water left and then strain it and drink after it gets colder.
  • Neem leas as antiseptic. Wash a handful of neem leaves then brew it with water until the water is boiled and then strain it and let it cool. Use the water to clean new wounds, scratches or bruises.

Neem leaves can also be used to exterminate bugs. Use neem leaves, lemon grass and galangal pounded together in 1:1 ratio. Add 5 liters of water to the pounded herbs and then take the water and spray the places where bugs can be found.