When it comes to tea, there are many questions of which tea is better. Green tea or Black tea? Fruity or Spicy? Herbal or Regular? But the question you must ask is, Loose Leaf Tea or Commercial Tea Bags?

Tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world. Tea has been the most popular beverage for its health and wellness purposes – and nowadays the herbal tea becomes a trend.

When it comes to tea, there are many questions of which tea is better. Green tea or Black tea? Fruity or Spicy? Herbal or Regular? But the question you must ask is, Loose Leaf Tea or Commercial Tea Bags?

Why? Because, there is a misconception about the Commercial Tea Bags you consume daily with the Loose Leaf Tea are having the same quality and health properties.

Yes, Tea Bags are convenient, quick, simple and easy; but did you know that inside of Tea Bags are broken tea leaves, low grade tea dust and fanning?

Here are the differences between Loose Leaf Tea and Commercial Tea Bags:

Loose Leaf Tea

- Produced by artisan method for quality selection
- Whole leaf or partially cut leaves, high quality grade teaFull and subtle flavor
- Longer brew time
- Potential for re-steeping
- Less bitter
- Stay fresh longer
- More variety

Tea Bags

- Dust or small broken pieces of leaf
- One note flavor
- Quick brewing time
- One cup steep
- Easily bitter
- Goes stale quicker
- Limited options
- Bagged in bleached paper material that contains chemicals


Loose Leaf Tea
Made with high quality grade tea leaf
Tea Bags
Dust or small broken pieces of low grade quality leaf and packed in bleached paper material that contains chemical

Despite the Loose Leaf Tea steeping process is a bit challenging than Commercial Tea Bags, Loose Leaf Tea is way much better and healthier for its antioxidant and health properties able to prevent most diseases. 

It’s the time for you to switch from Commercial Tea Bags to Loose Leaf Tea, so you won’t compromise your health. It’s time for you to consume premium teas that are produced by artisan – hand-selecting the finest tea leaves to assure that you get the highest quality, flavor full, and freshness. 

Find the premium and natural loose leaf tea that suit you the most and explore the flavor – because life is too short for bad tea!

Source: teatulia.com

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Soursop LeavesSoursop or Annona muricata is known as a plant mostly known for its fruits to be consumed or being made into beverages. Recently, the name of soursop becomes more popular and being searched by more people. It is all due to the news of soursop leaves benefits to help fighting cancer.

Almost all parts of soursop plant have been used for hundreds of years. Soursop leaves as medicines for eczema, herpes, diabetes, infection, worms, cough, diarrhea and the others. According to the National Cancer Institute in United States in the year 1976, the bark, the leaves and the branches of soursop plant have the active compound called annonaceous acetogenin that will be able to strike down the cells of cancer.

The compound annonaceous acetogenin is able to work selectively to fight the cancer cells those already developed resistance towards medicines without disturbing the healthy and normal cells. The way the compound of soursop leaves as anti cancer is the reverse of chemotherapy which works non-selectively.

Annonaceous acetogenin is able to block as well as damage the source of energy to the cells of cancer and let those cells die.

The cancer cells those can be damaged by soursop leaves as anti cancer are cancer cells of bladder, breasts, head, neck alongside several types of leukemia, liver, lungs, lymphoma, mesothelioma, multiple myeloma, neuroblastoma, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, sarcoma, gastric, testis, thyroid and uterus. Another research shows that the anti cancer compound of soursop has the power 10,000 times larger than adriommycin or the medicines used in chemotherapy. Soursop’s anti cancer won’t cause side effects such as nausea, reducing body weight and hair loss like chemotherapy.

The tips of using soursop leaves as medicines ( Benefits of Soursop Leaves ):

Bay LeavesBay leaves with Latin name of Svyzgium polyanthum is commonly used daily in foods as the flavor enhancer. Aside of being used as spice in cooking, bay leaves benefits also include the benefits as medicines. Bay leaves as medicines have been used for a long time ago.

Bay leaves as medicines will be great in order to cure various diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, ulcer, and diarrhea and bloated.

Are these bay leaves benefits to cure diseases true? How do these bay leaves the cooking spice have that kind of ability?

In order to find out the ways to use bay leaves as medicines, follow the following tips of using bay leaves:

Neem LeavesThe plant of neem has the Latin name of Azadirachta indica A. Juss. It grows the tropical lowlands. This plant has a lot of benefits as medicines from the bark, the seeds, flowers as well as the leaves. Therefore, the plant is called as the village pharmacy.

The leaves of the neem plant are known to have various benefits. The health benefits of neem leaves are also known to be nature friendly and cheap.

The followings are several benefits of neem leaves:


There are many the benefits of neem leaves for the body health. It is a good idea if we take the benefits as well as the natural medications by knowing how to use the leaves and knowing the shape and characteristics of neem leaves.

Tips to use neem leaves as medicines:

Neem leaves can also be used to exterminate bugs. Use neem leaves, lemon grass and galangal pounded together in 1:1 ratio. Add 5 liters of water to the pounded herbs and then take the water and spray the places where bugs can be found.

Coconut sugarSugar as the chemical compounds highly needed by the source of energy becomes the very popular commodity and changes the habits of human in using it such as mentioned in article “How is The History of Sugar”.
The chemical compounds of sugar come inside of the body every day in form of directly or indirectly consumed sugar from various sources such as rice, bread, cookies and biscuits. Don’t forget to add the synthetic sugar that might also sneak into the body through foods and beverages.

Try to imagine the hard work pancreas does during that time. Pancreas as the producer of insulin will try hard to balance out the sugar inside of the body. If this condition continues, there will be health problems such as obesity; the increase risks of diabetes and of course the possibility of pancreas inflammation.

In order to reduce the risks of health problems caused by sugar consumption, controlling the supply of sugar will be a great thing. One of the ways to control the blood sugar is shown by DR. Oz in his talk show (22/02/2012). The title of the episode was “Coconut Palm Sugar: Best New Sugar Alternative”. It explained about the coconut palm sugar as the alternative for the daily needs.

Why does the coconut sugar considered as the safe natural sugar good for the health of the body? The basic reason to change the refined sugar with coconut palm sugar is because the sugar natural side. Aside of that, the GI or glycemic index is low enough being only 35 points. The glycemic index number is the speed measurement of foods being absorbed by the body and converted into blood sugar. With the low GI number, the coconut palm sugar won’t cause the drastic increase of blood sugar. Therefore coconut palm sugar will be the safe natural sugar for the health of the body. It will be safe for the patients of diabetes as well as the patients of high cholesterol.

coconut sugar and palm sugarContinuing the article about “What are the Benefits of Sugar for Us”, let’s talk more about the types of sugar based on the main ingredients. Let’s talk more about the palm sugar. This sugar often referred as the red sugar despite the fact that the color is brown and made of sap.

The shape of the sugar will follow the molds used. It could be squares, cylinders, half ball – because the mold is coconut shell – as well as the powdered sugar often referred as sugar of ants.

Palm sugar can be considered being the natural sugar processed traditionally without the further refinery process or mixing the sugar with chemicals. Palm sugar or some people refer it as Javanese sugar can be categorized furthermore into two categories, the coconut palm sugar and the palm sugar.

They are both palm sugars. However, the both of them have the following differences :

Coconut Palm Sugar

Palm Sugar

Meanwhile, the shapes of both natural sugars are not counted as basic difference. Both sugars can achieve whatever shapes depending on the molds. They both can be molded into a stick, cylinder, half ball or powders or even crystal depending on the decision of the producers.

Aside of knowing the differences as well as similarities between the coconut palm sugar and the palm sugar will be important in order to know the quality of both natural sugars. The coconut palm sugar or the palm sugar with good quality will certainly come from spa in best quality. The characteristics of sap in best quality are the color is clear, sweet, smells good and has pH between 6 to 7 with sucrose level above 12 and the sugar molded in clean molds.

SweetenersThe advance technology allows human in creating synthetic sugar or the artificial sugar or can also be referred as the artificial sweeteners. This kind of sweeteners is one of the food additives that also often being used as sweeteners of foods and beverages. This sugar is made through the process of modifying chemicals with sweet taste. The chemicals or compounds are not a kind to sucrose or fructose.

The synthetic sugar or sweetener has different sweetening power from 30x to 8000x of sucrose levels of sweetness. The levels of sweetness of the artificial sugar are used as the safety measurements of the existence of the synthetic materials in the foods or beverages. Sweeteners are additional components of foods. These sweeteners are not naturally the part of foods or beverages. Therefore, if the sweeteners are consumed in excessive amounts, it will put health in danger.

In order to find out how safe the artificial sweeteners will be, checking the regulations of BPOM RI as well as the regulations of Codex General Standard for Food Additives is a good thing. BPOM RI allows the usage of artificial type of sweeteners that will be nutritive or non nutritive alongside the flavor enhancements for foods, food preservatives as well as the nutrient of foods in order to fix the look, the flavor, textures, preserve and increase the nutrients value of foods.

The followings are several artificial type of sweeteners allowed to be used :

Sugar IndonesiaSugar has been the main necessity of humans. It has the long history of sugar from the beginning of sugar being used as sweetener and then becomes the commodity of trading. From several existing sources, the existence of refined sugar can be tracked all the way back to the 8th century B.C by the people of Papua (source Wikipedia). Sugar then developed through the crystallized process by the people of India.

In its development, the people of Arab developed the technique to industrialized sugar by building sugar refineries as well as sugar cane cultivation in large scale. At that time, sugar had become commodity of trading for the producers of sugar. Sugar started to be exported to other countries in form of refined cane sugar in the 12th century by the merchants of Arab.

At that time, sugar was used as sweetener believed to have the capability to increase stamina. The history said that sugar can also be used as medicine and known to be expensive item. Although that sugar was expensive item and thought to be luxury, the demands on sugar remained really high leading merchants to gain so many profits.

The many profits gained from sugar got along the timeline of revolution of industry in Europe. Therefore, sugar attracted the attention of European countries those started to do the huge expansion by cultivating the sugar canes in various colonial regions. They built sugar refineries those were more modern in order to answer the high demands of sugar in the world.

Ever since the introduction of sugar to the wider societies, refined sugar at that time had enough benefits to be used as the sweetener of foods and beverages. In the history of sugar, the sugar was used as sweetener of coffee, chocolate, bread and a lot others. Sugar become the main necessity and had changed the habits of many people in using refined sugar as well as rotating the wheels of economy.

Sugar consumptionAside of the benefits of sugar as the sweetener of foods and beverages, sugar is also good as the source of energy for the body. Behind all of the benefits, sugar is hiding bad risks for body health. The excessive sugar consumption is able to increase the risk of various health conditions including diabetes, heart diseases, damages of body organs, and the decrease of immune system of the body as well as obesity.

How could the excessive sugar consumption happen? The form of sugar is not always as the ingredients to be consumed. It is not just in form of refined sugar made of sugar canes or sucrose from beets. Sugar can sneak into the body as fructose originated from fruits and honey, maltose originated from nuts as well as lactose originated from milk. These forms of sugar have not yet include the synthetic sugar that can be used as well on various foods and beverages because of the cheaper price.

For the usage of natural sugar with the low glycemic index, there will be not much of effects because of the process of absorbing foods and conversion into blood sugar becomes relatively slower. Meanwhile, in the category of sugar with the high glycemic index number, it can cause the increasing levels of blood sugar quickly because the sugar derived of the eaten foods will be quickly converted into sugar. This is where the risks of sugar consumption show up and not a good thing. Eventually sugar consumption brings bad effects to the health of the body with the risks of sugar consumption being ignored even at the slightest.

The followings are the effects on the increasing levels of blood sugar:

By considering the risks factor to the sugar consumption that might lead to the quick increase of blood sugar, it is good to avoid it by changing the daily diet

SugarThe modern society in the meantime commonly consumed sugar at early age. The modern society seems to have the difficulties in avoiding foods as well as beverages those contain sugar. Sugar in foods is not just limited to candies or sweets. Sugar in foods can also be found in beverages. As the matter of fact, almost all foods and beverages we consume contain sugar although that sugar bears different names or labels on food composition labels.

The examples of name or other ways to refer sugar are: white sugar, syrup, unrefined sugar, sugar cane, raw sugar, zylose, powdered sugar, microcrystalline cellulose, bark sugar, corn sweetener and others.

Considering this fact, it can be say that the lifestyle of modern humans has the particular dependence of sugar and our tongues are not used to receiving foods or beverages without the sweet taste and sensation of sugar.

The existence of sugar in great amount all around us and the fact that sugar becomes an important part of our lives certainly lead us to several questions about sugar:

Our dependence of sugar in the modern foods is related to our habit as infants. It is started by consuming the formulated milk and then as toddlers, we consume chocolates, biscuits as well as candies or sweets.
Generally, sugar can be utilized as the sweetener of beverages as well as foods. It is felt somewhat uncommon to drink coffee without sugar, tea also without sugar or eating chocolates without the sweet taste.

Sugar as foods and as the trading commodities can be classified based on the main ingredients:

From the three kinds of sugar mentioned above, the main benefits of sugar will be as the sweetener as well as the source of energy. However, sugar has the different index number of glycemic depending on the main ingredients. GI or the glycemic index is the measurement of speed to how fast sugar will be absorbed by the body and become the blood sugar.

Therefore, it is good to know the glycemic index from foods or beverages consumed daily. It is necessary for us to avoid the worst risk of consuming sugar and to get the maximum benefits of sugar while consuming it. It’s important to remember not to consume too much sugar for the safety and health of the body.