SweetenersThe advance technology allows human in creating synthetic sugar or the artificial sugar or can also be referred as the artificial sweeteners. This kind of sweeteners is one of the food additives that also often being used as sweeteners of foods and beverages. This sugar is made through the process of modifying chemicals with sweet taste. The chemicals or compounds are not a kind to sucrose or fructose.

The synthetic sugar or sweetener has different sweetening power from 30x to 8000x of sucrose levels of sweetness. The levels of sweetness of the artificial sugar are used as the safety measurements of the existence of the synthetic materials in the foods or beverages. Sweeteners are additional components of foods. These sweeteners are not naturally the part of foods or beverages. Therefore, if the sweeteners are consumed in excessive amounts, it will put health in danger.

In order to find out how safe the artificial sweeteners will be, checking the regulations of BPOM RI as well as the regulations of Codex General Standard for Food Additives is a good thing. BPOM RI allows the usage of artificial type of sweeteners that will be nutritive or non nutritive alongside the flavor enhancements for foods, food preservatives as well as the nutrient of foods in order to fix the look, the flavor, textures, preserve and increase the nutrients value of foods.

The followings are several artificial type of sweeteners allowed to be used :

  • Acesulfame-K
    It doesn’t contain calories and the sweetness level is 200x of sucrose.
  • Aspartame
    It has almost similar flavor with sucrose and the level of sweetness is 200x of sucrose.
  • Saccharine
    It is a very stable sweetener when being used in cooking and the level of sweetness is 300x to 500x of sucrose.
  • Sucralose
    It has level of sweetness 600x of sucrose and made from sugar and it has stability for cooking.
  • Neotam
    It has really high level of sweetness ranging from 700x to 13000x of sucrose.
  • Alitam
    It has 20x of sucrose level of sweetness and doesn’t contain sucrose.
  • Cyclamate
    It has no calories and stable to be used for cooking with high temperature. Its level of sweetness is 30x of sucrose.