The Sensations of Balinese Herbs and Spices Bring The Ambiance of Bali into Your Home

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Balitaza greenshop is always manage professionally in order to providing customers' satisfaction. 

All of our products in the Balitaza greenshop are the best quality products and safe to use proven.

We also conduct quality control in order to give our customers satisfaction every time they use Balitaza products.

With a vision to be the best gift shop network that cares about healthy living, makes Balitaza products unique and suitable for gifts.

For that reason, Balitaza greenshop always strives to be best in providing finest product and service.


“Unique Gifts For Every one Back Home.”

Balitaza Greenshop is the home of unique gift shops in Bali. It's the home of organic homemade Bali products from green, fresh, raw and natural ingredients. Our greenshop provides a healthy gourmet and natural bodycare products such as, Herbal Tea, Herbal Drink, Coffee, Cuisine Spices, Essential Oil etc. for your healthy and natural lifestyle.

Healthy & Natural Lifestyle

Balitaza wants to encourage everyone on this planet to live a healthy and natural lifestyle with the unique organic homemade Bali products provided by Balitaza Greenshop


All Healthy Gourmet and Natural Bodycare products in Balitaza Greenshop contains the selected organic and natural ingredients that are freshly picked by our local farmers and processed by our local staffs here at Bali.


Balitaza beliefs that living a healthy and natural lifestyle lead to good health and a healthier home planet. Based on that reason, Balitaza Greenshop providing a fresh and organic homemade Bali products with free preservatives in the established unique gift shops.

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